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Mad Warrior is consider an event that challenge yourself to your limit. You have to fight your way thru 40+ obstacles, some as climbing ropes, rolling & throwing a truck tyre, squatting under barb wire, swimming thru muddy pond, and more. All this will took your sweat of as far as 8km long. Average time to finish is around 3 hours. This event is held at Prima Avenue, Cyberjaya, with the collaboration with the Malaysian Tourism Board.

We all start as early as 6.00am arrive here. As we arrive, registration counter still not open, well, we hang out at the mamak shop nearby and have our breakfast.

The counter opens at 7.00am. This registration will take a little bit of time because of the crowd. Well, there are almost thousands of people registered, you can imagine how long the line will take ? Personal belongings are not allowed to carried during the race, even a camera or a phone. One, if you still bring it, everything is at your own risk. And, Two, well, you are busy with fighting your way long, don't think you have the time to wait even for selfies.

After you register, you will have to go to the opening gate, and wait for your turn. Each turns controlled by the number and colour of your wristband. Like us, we are the 8th team, or the 8th wave. Each wave will have to wait around half and hour.

Your will be confine in a barrier, while waiting your turn. Your heart will start pumping, and your adrenaline will start to raise. The minute the whistle blows, you will dash your way thru the first challenge.

Here are some images taken from their official Facebook page :

Reaching the finishing line is really a blessing. Hard to describe the feeling reaching the final moment while taking the last challenge. Like all those hard work really paid of. Though tire and a bit of stress, well, take part with your friend facing the challenge together, really make you feel you are worth something. Besides, its the gathering time together that counts.

This event is really good for you guys out there who wanted to do some activity while at the same time, gather around with friends. I do recommend you guys to join this kind of events. Really worth it. Here is a quick summary :

Challenge : 8 km, 40 Obstacles

Venue : Prima Avenue, Cyberjaya
Time : 7.00am
Date : April 9th, 2017

Registration Fee

Open for All
- Early Warrior Pass = RM98/person
- Normal Warrior Pass = RM108/person
- Final Warrior Pass = RM118/person

Check out their official Facebook page for more info :

or, check out their official website :

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