Sunday, 10 February 2019



Where am I celebrating for this new year ?

Well, me and my friends celebrate at Sunway Lagoon waterpark, where the Glowtopia Event took place. The que starts from as early as 5.30pm ( even though the gate open at 7.00pm ). Quite a long que to wait, but the pace is fast.

We have our dinner first at Sunway Pyramid shopping mall ( just next to the theme park ). The food inside is quite expensive, so we better off have our dinner outside.

This is the first time this kind of event took place here in malaysia. Its originated from the US, the same concept was bring-in, where you suppose to be wet all day out. But, well, unfortunately, things doesn't come out the way is suppose to be.

Many false error come out. I'm not try to complain, but maybe this is what happen when it is the first time for the organiser. Some point that they should take consider :

1. The theme is suppose to be WET. But for us, not a single water splash at us. We all dry the whole night. I see that they close down the water park. Honestly, they should open the wet park. Let the water flow. This will sure bring more excitement for the audience.

2. The water slide took TOO-LONG-QUE to wait. We waited nearly 1 hour plus in line, but end up, bail out. Cannot take it anymore. Too long to wait. And some people keep on cutting lines, quite poor management on the organiser's side.

3. The quality of stuff sell here is to poor. We bought a bottle of water, that suppose to glow when splash on to others, but, nothing happen. It just like a normal water that doesn't serves any purpose.

4. Same goes to the paint. We try paint it to our face, but the quality is too bad, it looks to poor when applied.

5. The only thing that went right tonight is the fireworks. Right past 12.00am you will see a lot of fireworks in the sky. It last for 15 minutes, then finish.

Overall, its quite a mess event. For a fee that cost nearly rm100 per person, what we get is really not worth it. Hope the organiser do some adjustment and improve for next time. Or else, they will sure have a bad review.

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