Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Pulau Panjang - Long Island


Pulau Panjang ( a name that if translated means long island ) well, is actually not an island. It just a land that is separated from the main land, and divided by a river. This river is so big that you have to get across using a long bridge.

There is no means of transportation can get thru this place, accept motorbike or bicycle. Or else, walking is the best way. While you walk, you can admire the view of a long stretch that looks like an island.

Pulau Panjang is a village. Most of the people here are fishermen. It is a quite and peaceful place where you can come a while and enjoy the privacy. If you feeling hungry, don't worry, there are stalls that sells food.

You cannot spend the night here, because there is no hotels or chalet available. Most people come here for day trip. The longest you can spend here is between 1 to 2 hours top.

Come and have a visit here if you have the time. The beautiful view of the beach will surely catch your attention.

Enjoy !


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