Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Pulau Perhentian - Open Water Diver

SATURDAY 14th JULY 2018 - TUESDAY 17th JULY 2018

The Journey

We arrived early in the morning, around 5.00am, at Jetty Kuala Besut. Took the yesterday's bus from TBS ( 11.00pm, fare RM60 one way ). It took roughly 6 hours to go from KL to Kuala Besut. Once we arrived, we take the local taxi ( here, its not a real CAR taxi, just a motorcycle with carrier at the side, charge you RM5 per person ), and go to the jetty. While waiting our bot (8.00am depart), we have our breakfast first.

It will take you roughly 30-45 minutes from Jetty Kuala Besut to Pulau Perhentian. I try to sleep but the ride is too bumpy. So much for my sleep then.


We stay at Carver Cove. All of us total up around 20 people. Each share rooms with 3 person per room. The rate of the room here is around RM120 per night. The surrounding is nice, and the facilities is quite basic. We choose here because it is near to our Dive Centre.

The night life here is consider dead, not so happening like the one at Perhentian Kecil. This part of the island is not so crowded. More for those who seeks for privacy and relax from the crowded hustle of tourist.

Open Water Diver Course

The course took us 4 days 3 night to complete. All from theory on class as well as hands on practical on sea. The instructor is good ( quite serious, but funny at the same time ), manage to deliver the course well from the beginning till the end.

Our Instructor / Dive Master :

Name : Mohamed Fizri Mohamed
Nickname : Fred O
Padi ID : 34051

He is one of the best instructor in the world. Rank below 5 in famous British Dive Megazine. Currently he's handling and manage the Dive Centre here at Octo Dive Centre.

Open Water Practical

This course is short, so, no time is left wasted. We start our class morning, and begin to dive later in the afternoon. It happens the same for the next day, except on the third day, we dive from morning till evening.

God knows how my heart beat pounding faster from time to time, the minute I start riding the boat. This is consider my first time going in the water. So, you know how panic I feel like.

On the last day, we (the student) got the chance to have an open dive with other senior divers. A thrill start in the beginning, but joyful in the end. Worth the experience.

The view below here is quite stunning. I feel so excited to see all the life below here. Though its hard to control your breathing and boyency at first, but, after a while (once you got to hang of it), you will slowly start to enjoy the dive.

On the last night, we do some exam test in order to complete our course. Luckily all of us manage to pass. So we all out to Perhentian Kecil, having our dinner and celebrate our last day here.

Our Last Day

The course everything ends on Tuesday 17th July 2018. A bit sad feeling knowing that you gonna leave the place, after a wonderful time together with the rest of the team and dive members.

Leaving this place gratefully with a diver's license that can be use to seek more adventure out there.

Congrates and all the best to all !

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