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SUNDAY 18th JUNE 2017

Since it's sunday, me and my friend planning to break fast outside. Our first plan is suppose to be at Pantai Dalam, eat something western. Unfortunately, the place is fully booked, which leads us to no choice but to change the place somewhere.

Our first thought is just go to Tasik Titiwangsa and have something lite there. Then, during the last minute decision, one of my friend propose to go to Pandan Indah. Since that place is nearer to his office, well, we guest why not. Let's give it a shot !

The landmark to this place is the Menara Perbadanan Ampang Jaya ( MPAJ ) building. It's located within the building's boundary. From the main road you won't miss it.

Serves mainly malay cuisine, it does serves others as well such as Laksa, Yong Taufu, Mee Goreng, Char Kueh Teow, fresh fruits, kuih-muih and guess what, Grill Chicken and Lamb ! Thanks goodness, there's still a little bit of western here.

Price starting from RM23.90 per person ( during weekdays ) and RM36.90 per person ( during weekends ). It does have live performance to ease you out during your fine dining. Others like Surau and Toilet are well provided here.

We did have the chance to meet the restaurant's owner before we go. A nice and humble person. Talking about his experience with the place, etc. He did allow the guest to bring back the food if they wanted to. Well at least some of them can use it for Sahur. For me I think this is good. At least it prevent from wastage and give customer something extra.

They also cater for breakfast buffet here during the normal month / days. Can event deliver to your doorstep if requires so.

Overall, I think this place is good. Worth the try if you have no idea where to go for food hunting. The price quite reasonable. Something good to bargain for.

For more info, feel free to contact them :

Address :

Lot 1, AAB, Menara B, Pandan Kapital,
Jalan Pandan Utama, 55110 Pandan Indah,
Kuala Lumpur

Contact person :

Mr Shafique : 017 - 656 8574
Ms Athiqah : 010 - 544 0788
Ms Siti : 012 - 241 9961



Go guys, go out and try it. Have fun and enjoy your meal !

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